Gluttony: n. eating habitually and excessively

Historically probably the greatest gluttons were the Romans some of whom consumed much food, vomited it all out or regurgitated, and continued to eat some more.

Sumo wrestlers in Japan can be considered gluttons with a purpose who eat huge amounts of food to maintain a fighting overweight.

Not all gluttons are fat and the Japanese man Takeru Kobyashi ate 69 hot dogs in 12 minutes in 2011 but is not overweight and simply has a very big stomach or a malfunctioning sphincter which lets the food pass directly into the intestines without digestion. Whether he is a habitual over eater is not known.

Eating too much and habitually doing so is a problem which plagues many obese humans because eating is a basic pleasure which few chronically obese humans can resist.

Whether gluttony is a sin is debatable but overweight gluttons tend to die younger on average than the rest of the population so they are punished for their overindulgence.


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