Greed: n. desiring selfishly and frequently classified as the accumulation of excessive amounts of possessions and/or money for personal use

A greedy human can be a poor human who is excessively selfish and thinks primarily only about personal gain. True greed is frequently associated with humans who have succeeded in accumulating vast wealth and tend to keep it all to themselves for their own personal benefit.

Perhaps the greediest of all individuals are the Ponzi con artists who con humans out of their money and give nothing in return while living very luxurious lifestyles.

Another example of excessive greed is technological internet start up companies which show almost no profit and grow excessively in value for a short duration only to result in eventual bankruptcy without benefiting the committed investors.

Wealthy business humans making a profit providing necessary information, goods, and services are usually not that greedy because they frequently benefit other humans who have profitable relationships with the business so there is mutual benefit.

Big money or great power tends to corrupt individuals who get greedy and want to make even bigger amounts of money and have greater power with unjust monopoly actions or lobbying government for unjust special interest legislation.

Excessive greed is also destroying the biodiversity of the food supply and wilderness real estate which is very tragic because the long duration survival of humanity depends on the conservation of biodiversity. Just laws are necessary to reduce the devastation brought on by excessive human greed.


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