Gullibleness: n. easily persuaded to do and/or to believe a subset(s)

Do you feel that you need to have the latest fashion craze?

Do you believe everything that you read is the truth?

Do you believe all advertising claims?

Do you believe in supernatural powers?

Do you believe that you can be anything that you want to be?

Do you believe in miracles?

Do you believe fortune tellers?

Do you believe that you will make much money playing the lottery?

Do you believe everything humans tell you is the truth?

Do you believe that any pill your doctor is prescribing you will cure you?

Do you believe that your political party has all the answers to social and economic problems?

Do you believe the stock market is a long duration good investment?

Do you believe that the value of your money will be secure in a savings account for use in your retirement years?

If you believe more than one of the above things then you are probably gullible and easily persuaded by fictional and minimally factual claims. If you do not have a questioning attitude but are quick to believe almost any claim which is alluring to you then you are probably gullible.


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