Some are leaders, most are followers, and the remainder are leaders and followers within organizations. Who you become will determine whether you will consider yourself a success in life. Few realize that being a follower can also be a successful life even though you don’t have many friends and don’t become rich along the way.

If you want to become a top leader then you will have to have good social skills or what is called emotional IQ where you can evaluate the worth of an individual as a worker or useful participant in your organization rather successfully. Some signs of leadership potential is having a good memory for names, getting good grades in school, being the head of one or more clubs in school, and having excellent skills and knowledge about the organization which you will be leading and the functions it performs.

If you enjoy being with humans and interact with them successfully then you are leadership potential.  It greatly helps if you have an education from a prestigious university and if your family is rich and socially well connected but you can also try to work your way up an organization starting at the relative bottom and working your way up to a high leadership position based on a good fundamentals skill set.

Most with leadership potential wind up working in middle management and never work their way up to the top leadership position unless they start a business of their own and are the leaders right from the start.

Most of us are successful if we have a job or career which pays well and can afford a family which will be our primary legacy when we reach old age.

Success for most of us is living day to day, paying our bills, and being relatively happy at what we are doing. If you live a healthy life, have some excitement along the way, and die at a relatively old age then you can consider your life to have been a success.

If you have contributed to conservation organizations and tried to live sustainably trying to conserve biodiversity then you have truly been a morally outstanding citizen of the world and nature will thank you for it.

If you are an honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, and competent human who cares about biodiversity then you are living a successful life and should be proud of yourself.

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