Intention: n. mentally desiring to do a subset(s) in the future and/or communicating a personal goal(s)

Life is filled with good intentions not being fulfilled. Most of us would like to

eat healthy,

get good grades,

get a good job,

find a soul mate,

find more happiness,

be more lovable or attractive,

find better friends,

make good investments,

have better social skills,

spend more time with offspring and/or spouse,

be a better parent,

fulfill our promises,

and in general do things which will improve our lives.

The reality is that good intentions must be followed up by realistic relevant actions which demand putting in the time, energy, effort, and frequently money to achieve those good intentions.

Good intentions are frequently just mental desires which linger in the mind or appear once in a while which must be followed up by actions to get satisfactory results or achieve the good intentions.

Some of your good intentions may actually turn out to be bad intentions in the long duration. You may intend to make enough money to buy a new car by investing in risky stocks only to find out that you lose what little money you had saved up or borrowed in the long duration.

Your intention may be to motivate your offspring to behave well. You may use exaggerated praise to motivate your offspring only to find out that they begin to ignore your false praise and no longer feel any need for it. Your good intention crashed and burned because it was actually a good intention with the wrong actions so your good intention failed miserably in the long duration.

Intention is wanting or desiring something in the future so try to want something which you really need and not something which you impulsively just want which you may not need.

You also frequently need the right skills and knowledge to fulfill your good intentions so don’t be disappointed if you fail sometimes and be ready to readjust your actions and try again.


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