Pleasure: n. sensing a sensation which the brain subjectively judges to be good and is what most people desire to experience in various degrees of intensity

Objectively the pleasure which you sense may not be the best thing for you in the long duration such as a drug high which feels good but can devastate your life if you become addicted. Some masochists find pleasure in pain so their brain is dysfunctional and needs rewiring from an objective point of view.

Some hedonists devote their lives to the pursuit of pleasure in all its deviant forms and frequently live to regret their unwise choices. Doing only what feels good is an irrational highly emotional view of life which is devoid of logic and prior human experience about the right way to be living life among other humans.

Our pleasure seeking minds must be disciplined to avoid bad pleasures in favor of good pleasures. Morality and reason helps us to differentiate between the good and bad and good role models are the key to doing so successfully.

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