Incompetence: n. not having many of the requirements essential to an identified subset(s) and not achieving a goal(s)

We have all been exposed to incompetent humans in politics, in organizations, in professions, and on the job.

Frequently the ones in leadership positions are the least competent because they may have emotional intelligence and can manage other humans to some extent but they frequently don’t have the necessary skill set to make achievable desirable goals and see to it that the right information and qualified humans exist to achieve those goals.

Managerial skills are different than technical skills and a manager trying to lead technically skilled personnel who has little grasp of the logic behind the technology will frequently fail to make good decisions which benefit the organization in the long duration.

Lengthy experience eventually does eliminate incompetence to some extent. That is why employers prefer an experienced worker to an unexperienced one because they know that the probability of an inexperienced worker making more than his or her share of mistakes is rather great and they want to avoid those mistakes as much as possible.

Job mentoring or apprenticeship is not very common in the United States and that is one major reason why new graduates find it hard to get employed straight out of school. The fact that liberal arts is job poor is the major reason why new graduates can’t find work right away.

The sad fact is that the educational system is producing armies of improperly educated incompetent graduates who aren’t prepared for the new technological realities of the 21st century.

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