Prediction: n. communicating a subset(s) which will exist with a probability in the future

Most of us are frequently good at predicting the near future knowing that we will have to pay rent, pay the mortgage, go to work, go shopping for food or clothes, and probably have to have enough money for car maintenance or repairs.

Project into the future more than a year and chances are that most of us will not be able to predict the future very well. Predicting the future 10 or 50 years ahead is impossible to do for most and some of the predictions are dire. There is the possibility of financial collapse or depression, loss of job, possible divorce, a major health issue, and less likely the possibility of war which has ravaged the world historically.

Fortune tellers and horoscopes are popular because most sub consciously feel that they have an advantage if they can know the future or predict it. The stock market is rigged favoring big money investors but there are still many relatively poor investors trying to predict the future and still making very risky money losing investments. Many couples have a gut feeling that a relationship will not work out but still sometimes get married hoping for a miracle of happy cohabitation.

The most successful humans are those who plan for the future by acquiring new useful knowledge and skills which will help them get a better job. Some save money to invest in a home or real estate which hopefully will be useful in retirement.

The economic system does not encourage savings or thrifty behavior and the financial future of many is in doubt as well as the financial future of the nation which is so far in debt that financial collapse is imminent.

Is the future going to be better for you or worse? Only time will tell and unfortunately most of us are at the mercy of big money maneuvers which only the very rich can predict.

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