Learn: v. to acquire (knowledge and/or skills) and/or (behaviors and/or experiences)

Learning can actually be enjoyable for those with very good memories and some talent for the physical and/or mental skills necessary to perform school tasks successfully.

Unfortunately most of us have average memories and little if any talent and don’t put in the extra time and effort to learn what we think is important or what really interests us. We trust what others teach us to learn which is what they say is important but quite a large quantity of it is not important and rather useless information.

Most common education is not very useful and is taught in a mediocre uninspiring way so for many learning is a boring seemingly purposeless activity. Liberal arts is going to be increasingly job poor in the 21st technological century and the huge quantity of largely useless liberal arts education should be greatly decreased.

The most effective learning is experience learning where you actively participate in an audio visual way and retain about 70% of the information after two week’s time. This is why individualized interactive audio visual computer education is an improvement over passive classroom learning where you seldom aurally interact with the subject matter and the instruction is not adjusted to your individual learning speed and background of knowledge.

Learning in an explorative active style is the best form of learning with hands on physical objects found in the environment. My recommendation is to have mini science labs in elementary school where students learn the basics of Archimedes principle for floating objects by building little boats of all shapes and sizes out of aluminum foil and putting in objects and/or liquids which make the boats sink or swim.

Exposing young impressionable minds to levers, pulleys, incline planes, pipes, thermometers, magnets, geometrical shapes, scales, springs, weights, tape measures, plastic tools, microscopes, electric motors, calculators, laptops, and safe chemical reactions would also be a good idea to create an interest in the real physical world around them and introduce them to the concept of quantifying objects numerically and not just drawing them or talking about them. 

Many graduating adults can’t even budget their money and this can be taught with a calculator in elementary school so the students can teach their parents to be financially responsible.

Artwork such as drawing and painting just exposes young minds to crayon, pencil, colors, and paint with little utilitarian value and most wind up just wasting time randomly creating lines and shapes and colors with minimal precision.

The age of irrational, mindless, verbose, trivial, non utilitarian education should rapidly come to an end if future humanity is to improve and not repeat historical mistakes as much.

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