Infatuation: n. short duration frequent lovin for a subset(s) with mostly unreasoning impulse

Your pulse and pleasurable feeling rises when in someone’s company, you love their looks, you feel jealous or insecure if they turn their attention away from you, you constantly think or daydream about them when not in their presence, you try to call or text frequently and feel anxious when you get no response, your sexual urges may be heightened, and you are irrationally obsessed with them not questioning whether they are telling you the truth but captivated by almost every word that they speak.

If these are some of your symptoms then you may be infatuated with a human and impulsively adoring them in an unquestioning way. Infatuations rarely last a long time but sometimes you luck out and your infatuation may turn out to be an acceptable soul mate and they may love you back and not be turned off by your fanaticism.

Frequently infatuation is falling in love with first impressions which may just be the tip of the iceberg which may have many undesirable characteristics below the surface that you may not be as impressed with. Basing a marital commitment on an infatuating experience can lead to long duration dissatisfaction, regrets, and divorce which can all be avoided if you spend more time truly trying to get to know the human with whom you are infatuated with.


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