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Independence: n. ability of a subset(s) to function with minimal help and/or control from other subsets excluding job and/or family responsibilities for humans

Most of us, unless we inherit great wealth, will be dependent on a job or welfare and committed to a spouse if we decide to marry.

True independence is only possible with great wealth or being a reclusive bum. The rest of us are dependent on job, family, friends, good and bad habits, and social laws which makes true independent living not entirely possible.

If you equate independence with being able to do what you want and when you want then you will need much money. Most of us are living very dependent lives and not independent ones because frankly big money is increasingly getting harder to obtain in society.

True social independence is freedom from tyranny, unjust complex taxation, and special interest laws. Just social independence also means a basic safety net to rely on if you become destitute and also unemployed.

Everyone is dependent on nature and even a self-sustaining agricultural community like the Amish is dependent on other humans for education, shelter, and transportation.

Even if you live a single life then you will still need a job unless you are a panhandler and you will have to depend on other humans to support your “independent” lifestyle. Due to worldwide trade more and more countries are becoming interdependent on each other and the days of rugged individualism and independent nationalism are quickly disappearing.

Technology is decimating small businesses and jobs in general and that means increasing dependency on government handouts or welfare to survive. Sexual promiscuity, an increasingly immoral upbringing, and a desire by many to escape a seemingly hopeless future through alcohol and drugs is causing many dysfunctional lives reflected in a small birth rate and the general disintegration of healthy family life.

Society is creating many individuals dependent on their family on into adulthood, many fatherless families on government welfare, and armies of young adults being supervised by social workers and rehabilitation personnel designed to try and deal with the increasing numbers of dysfunctional entitled individuals in society unable to make it on their own both physically and mentally.

Society is encouraging a profligate debt ridden lifestyle with little planning for the future and the result is a rapidly declining middle class of taxpayers causing not only greater personal debt but greater national and international debt and financial instability.


Fail to teach independent individual financial responsibility, the moral skills necessary for good parenting and social interaction, and the result is bankrupt dependent individuals bankrupting the corrupt society and nation.

Armies of dependent adult children who never grow up to lead independent financial lives may seem like the greatest threat to Western Nations.  However, we can keep them on minimum basic welfare assistance throughout a lifetime and severely reduce their reproductive rate for the benefit of biodiversity and the survival of wildlife worldwide. Efficient advanced technology will be able to support their minimalist lifestyle if they don’t decide to revolt instead and demand a bigger piece of the pie than they deserve.

Killing time on welfare will be an accepted social norm for many in the not too distant future but they will also be using fewer natural resources and not polluting the environment as much which will be a good thing in the long duration.

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Generosity: n. excessively desiring (to give ones (possessions and/or knowledge) and/or time) and/or (to share one’s (time and/or knowledge) and/or possessions)

Giving of your time, energy, effort, money, knowledge, and emotional support is sometimes the right thing to do if you see results from your giving and it motivates you to give more.

Raising offspring is an example where much giving is expected and the return is merely well behaved, loving, and achievement based offspring which bring happiness in your life and a sense of accomplishment but little more.

With adults some giving is also expected but be cautious about showing generosity or too much giving because humans have a tendency to expect more of you when you give too much of yourself. Generosity frequently encourages dependency and you should avoid generosity if you feel that a dependent relationship is starting to develop.

Mutual generosity can exist but the generosity is frequently confined to only two humans and other important needs or priorities may be neglected by focusing too much on each other. Generosity is a form of undesirable profligacy on your part and frequently is not a balanced way to be living your life.

Generosity is only frequently considered a virtue by humans on the receiving end of it and not by those doing the giving. Altruists are frequently generous humans giving much more of themselves than they should because they frequently ignore their own personal development and improvement which they sacrifice for the supposed “greater good” or human welfare.

Generously volunteering your time, energy, effort, knowledge, and money for a worthy cause is sometimes a useful learning experience in the short duration but eventually you should have hopes of being paid back in some way for your efforts or the relationship becomes one of pure exploitation.

Long duration generosity can create dependent offspring and adults so don’t develop a reputation for being generous unless you want to burden your life with human parasites.


If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSErays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.