Listen: v. to try to remember and/or consider a communication and permit the communicator to end a communication subset(s) before reacting

Frequently humans don’t like to be interrupted when talking and it is considered rude but there are smart ways of interrupting or trying to change the topic if the communication doesn’t seem to have an important point or if it is getting too lengthy. You can try changing to a new topic, delay the conversation for another time, or try to summarize what has been said so far and end the conversation prematurely.

If you have the luxury of time then you can listen to everything which is being said, briefly summarize what has been said, and ask follow up questions if necessary. This way the speaker will feel that their opinions and ideas have been respected even if you give short and sweet replies and don’t motivate the speaker to speak further.

In business where time is important being a good listener rather than a good talker is more important and all you have to really give is short and sweet replies. You will be more respected and appear smarter by being brief rather than by trying to impress someone with your wealth of knowledge and speaking longer than they do.

In relationships if you do less talking and really listen then you will be better able to understand their emotional state and the points which they try to communicate to you. Your responses will be more relevant and the quality of the conversation should improve.

I may be called biased but based on personal experience I feel that most women like to talk more than men and frequently want to share their emotional social experiences in sometimes dramatic and lengthy ways. An emotional talkative woman is a fact of life which most males have to live with or adapt to.

I have learned much in life by listening and reading what others have to say and have learned to be very selective in what I read and whom I ask questions to and about what topics.  

After a lifetime of wading through much verbosity, deception, and lies a headline is all that I have to read to know if the content interests me. I only enjoy talking to professionals from whom I can extract new valuable information and insights.

My never ending quest for truth and useful knowledge goes on. Some may accuse me of verbosity or excessive talkativeness for writing about 800 blogs in a year and a half but those are the fruits of a lifetime of logically analyzing and recording important information about nature and human and social behavior.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially  COMMON SENSErays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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