Inconsideration: n. not thinking about the goals which others are trying to achieve and causing human stress which easily begins when those opposing and/or different goals are not acknowledged and/or processed with human etiquette

We have all had experiences with inconsiderate humans.

Most have bad human etiquette and are rude, impulsive, selfish, argumentative, not willing to listen, overly demanding, overly talkative, or messy in public.

An inconsiderate human frequently does not realize that you have needs and wants too and want to be treated with respect and empathy.

It is best to try and avoid inconsiderate humans and if you can’t avoid them then try to ignore them and ostracize them from your life as much as possible.

If it is an inconsiderate boss whom you are struggling with then plan to change jobs in the not too distant future or develop a calloused attitude which will protect you to some extent from the extended mental abuse on the job.

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