Utilitarianism: n. making efficiently useful with beauty and/or large size being relatively unimportant

If you are promoting the efficient use of money and efficient human behavior with minimal emphasis on beauty and large size then you are a utilitarian.

Aerodynamic vehicle shapes are utilitarian and are objectively beautiful and efficient as are passive homes which utilize the least amount of energy to obtain creature comforts.

Subjective beauty in fashion and clothes and large size as a symbol for strength or power is misguided value judgments which are not utilitarian and lead to inefficiency and profligate use of natural resources with the corresponding pollution.

We also desperately need a utilitarian efficient worldwide morality which includes biodiversity and efficiency as part of the moral code which I have stated more than once in many of my blogs.

Utilitarian morality coupled with utilitarian efficient use of money or energy is what the world needs to escape its inevitable plunge into inefficient human self-destruction. Self-destruction is caused by inefficient human behavior which nature abhors and will punish us for our immorality in the long duration.

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