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Niceness: n. good and/or right behavior(s) towards a human(s) and/or an animal and this behavior(s) is frequently done politely and/or respectfully and/or caringly and/or kindly and/or friendly and/or courteously and/or modestly and/or with just praise

We frequently like nice humans. Those are the ones that are polite, respectful, caring, kind, friendly, courteous, give appropriate compliments, and generally make us feel good in their presence.

Being nice is a social skill and if you need many friends or acquaintances in your life then you should learn how to be nice to humans whom you want to impress in a good way.

You don’t have to be nice all the time, especially if you are in a leadership position which may require firing and criticizing where appropriate, but as the old saying goes-you can attract more humans with honey rather than vinegar, so being nice is the honey which you should be using most of the time.

One very overlooked area which should be treated nicely is wilderness plants and animals. Be nice to them and don’t steal their real estate!

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