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Thrift: n. being efficient and utilitarian with money

If you are an impulsive shopper who buys what you want and not what you need, if you have no money saved for emergencies or retirement, and if you don’t budget your money then you are not being thrifty.

Society no longer encourages thrift by not paying decent interest on savings accounts and no longer having safe investments for the long duration with the exception of real estate. It no longer pays to be thrifty with your money. The result is personal bankruptcies and nations teetering on the verge of bankruptcy not being able to balance their budgets.

China, Japan, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are still examples of relatively thrifty nations but profligacy with money is also threatening them in the long duration.

Nature is thrifty with energy and has fat reserves for emergencies. It is time for humans, organizations, and nations also to become more thrifty with money or the symbol for energy. Live within your means or suffer inevitable personal, organizational, or national financial collapse.

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