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Terrorism:  n. willfully stealing personal and/or political peace with much violence and/or threats of violence and/or cyber attacks

There is strategic terrorism at one extreme and random non-strategic terrorism at the other extreme.

Strategic terrorism can be combated to some extent by hardening security measures at strategic locations but it is impossible to rationally plan against random acts of terror such as serial killings by a deranged gunman or  explosions at random locations.

Strategic terrorism can cause the most damage but random terrorism can create even more fear and chaos in the general public who are the primary victims.

Strategic terrorism is organized terrorism frequently conducted by more than one individual. A group or gang is easier to locate and apprehend than individual terrorists who independently chose a target for their random terrorist acts.

A nuclear bomb destroying a communications hub or exploding in space and causing catastrophic communications breakdowns is scary enough but cyber terrorism can potentially take out power grids, steal and/or destroy corporate data, and severely affect military security with hair raising results.

With increasing dependence on electrical power and the internet, western society is very vulnerable to terrorism and the only defense possible is unrelenting national and international spying or espionage on radical groups and nations who can potentially protect terrorist cells.

Traditional cyber security will have to be continuously updated at great cost to counter new potential personal, organization, and national security threats.

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