Selfmotivation: n. motivated by one’s desire(s) and/or need(s) and/or belief(s) and/or past experiences which activate and/or prevent one’s behavior(s)

Many of us wrongly assume that all motivation is external from other humans and events which happen in our lives. The truth is that there is a complex interaction between external motivators and internal motivators which result in the behavior which we do.

The internal motivators are what is called selfmotivation and it is the desires, needs, beliefs, past experiences, and reactions to external factors which we personally possess. The internal motivation can either stimulate us to enthusiastically pursue a goal(s) or to cautiously pursue that goal(s) or to not pursue that goal(s) all mediated by what we personally largely impulsively think in our minds.

Before we do something everything in effect passes through our personal filter of desires, needs, beliefs, and past experiences which largely determines how we react to external stimuli.

If the world does not motivate you to become a better human then don’t entirely blame the world but put most of the blame on yourself and your absence of proper selfmotivation. Ultimately you have to motivate yourself to do important things in your life and that means taking time out to think about your progress throughout life and readjusting your goals accordingly.

You must push yourself or selfmotivate yourself to do important things in your life. Try to make good judgments along the way and do the right things and not the wrong things with your life.

If you are unhappy with your lifestyle then learn new useful skills and knowledge, make some new goals, associate with better humans, exclude or reduce the bad habits in your life, and push yourself with one or more small steps which will hopefully lead to a happier future. Motivate yourself to do something better with your life and chances are that it will be much happier in the long duration.

The enemy of proper selfmotivation is the deluge of external propaganda which brainwashes you with lies, deceptions, and bad advice into leading the wrong kind of life impulsively so you are not entirely to blame if your life seems purposeless, unsatisfying, and unrewarding.

If you want to seriously exclude lies, deceptions, and bad advice from your life then you can start by reading some of my evergreen truth blogs which are the antidote to untrue political, economic, social, and even scientific propaganda which has brainwashed you and most of the world.

The truth is not always pleasant to know and frequently selfdeceptions or comforting lies are more soothing to live with. It is lies which we have lived with during our entire life to date and it is subjective lies which we believe to be the truth. Changing our long held objectively untrue beliefs is very hard to do without overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Another reason that we don’t change our untrue beliefs is that there is frequently some truth in them and they are not total untruths. There is such a thing as being partially true and partially untrue and it is the partial truth which we frequently hold on for dear life. Most of us believe that something is either totally true or totally untrue without shades of grey or uncertainty.

You can thank our archaic language for this unfortunate irrational logic that everything must be either black or white, yes or no, true or untrue, antonym or synonym, and always or never. We are all guilty of falling into the logical trap that one or a few examples is evidence enough that what we believe is always true. The truth is that many more examples can show that what you believe is only true in certain circumstances or at certain times. Most humans don’t have an analytical mentality which thinks in terms of sometimes true and sometimes untrue.

Moral truth should not be relativistic most of the time but many of our opinions and beliefs about human nature and reality are relativistic and not true all the time or not true in all circumstances. Many of our beliefs are frequently, sometimes, or infrequently true and not true all the time or under all circumstances.

Most of us are committed to our physical survival as well as the survival of our strong beliefs even though the lifelong beliefs are sometimes very wrong and untrue either totally or partially.

Continue to live with your old desires, needs,  beliefs, and untruths OR reeducate yourself and start to realistically think about and make new adjustments to your desires, needs, and beliefs and view the world and your place in it slightly or radically differently. The choice is up to you!!!!!!

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSErays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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