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Share: v. to contribute for mutual benefit such as alternating possession of a subset(s) and/or using a subset(s) at the same time by two or more lifeforms

Sharing emotions about past events is called empathy but most of us think of sharing as the sharing of a possession or an experience with someone. 

Learning to share does not come naturally to offspring who are very possessive and don’t usually want to share their toys.

Philosophically communism is sharing property which no one legally owns and it has been an abysmal failure because something which one doesn’t own is usually something which one does not take care of very well.

Owning of property by two humans gives rise to an ethical question. If one breaks the property then who pays for fixing it or is responsible for fixing it? Is it both parties that have the responsibility to fix it or is the one responsible for breaking it the one who pays to fix it?

Communism says it is both parties that bear the responsibility for fixing it and that is why injustice is felt by individuals who basically have to pay for another’s mistakes or mishandling of the property.

Mutual ownership is practiced by some rare communal groups and cooperatives but they are frequently not very stable organizations because someone always feels that one is getting most of the benefit out of communal property and the other is left shorthanded. That is why the right to private property is such an important right since it assigns responsibility of the property to the owner of the property who then is responsible for taking care of it. If the owner of the property does not take care of it then they usually wind up losing it partially or entirely in a just way.

Taxation is sharing your wealth with the government bureaucracy and the general welfare. This is why humans think it is unjust if the government is doing an inefficient bureaucratic job and giving their money to special interests which do not benefit the general welfare. Citizens are only willing to share their wealth voluntarily if they feel that the government is doing a just distribution of their wealth for the whole nation.

If given the choice of being taxed or not taxed most citizens would voluntarily opt out because the present state of government is so unjust and most, except for the wealthy and those on welfare, feel that they are contributing more than their just share to the operation of government.

The higher the taxation the more communistic or socialistic a nation becomes and the less efficient and unjust it becomes in sharing your wealth with others.

Socialism is delegating personal responsibility to the government where government increasingly becomes a parental figure taking care of all of your life’s needs. If you become sick, it is paid for by others, if you have offspring they are subsidized or partially paid for by others, if you become unemployed you get generous financial support until you get another job.

That many citizens begin to work the system or milk it for maximum personal benefit is the result of socialism and this parasitic nature causes the costs for the nation to increase without any motivation to decrease the generous support in the long duration. 

You get rewarded generously for being sick, for being a mother with children, and for being unemployed. The result in the long duration is more sick humans, more unwed mothers with children on the dole, and many on never ending unemployment benefits. The incentive to work greatly decreases and the long duration result is a bankrupt social system where almost everyone prefers to be on government welfare benefits. The ultimate result of progressive socialism is a government ruling bureaucracy with everyone dependent on it or in reality communism which is a colossal historical failure.

How do you put incentive back into socialism which so desperately needs it?

Create two classes of citizens. One class the destitute and unemployed who are totally dependent on the government and the other a working class which is totally responsible for its own medical care, unemployment costs, and child support. If you bankrupt yourself with medical costs, unemployment costs, or child costs then you become a member of the destitute and unemployed class totally dependent on the government.

If you are totally dependent on the government then your voting rights will be less or a fraction of the voting rights of working citizens. You will lose your right to a motorized vehicle and be dependent on government door to door delivery of basic standardized needs such as food, drink, clothing, sanitary needs, cell phone, and computer and you will live in high rise apartment dwellings with or without offspring.

If you are single then you will be sharing that apartment with other welfare recipients sleeping in bunk beds more than one to a room. In effect it should be a prison like system without locks so you have the incentive to go on the internet and get reeducated in a useful job which will result in mobility freedom and the luxury of purchasing what you want and when you want it. Yes, there will once again be an incentive to get back into the work force and enjoy basic luxuries such as food and drink which you like and a dwelling in a location of your personal choice.

Yes, incentive can be put back into a socialist system but you will need two classes of citizens with different political voting power so that those on welfare do not enslave the working class of citizens. What is this new updated form of socialism called? I don’t have a name for it but it can be called Capsocialism or a mix of responsible capitalism with the social need for a safety net for the destitute and also unemployed!!!!!!

EVERY HUMAN IS NOT EQUAL ALL THE TIME and if you are destitute and unemployed then you are not equal to the working citizens of a nation. One person one vote because everyone is equal all the time? No they are not! If everyone has equal voting power throughout their lifetime then communism is the long duration unjust result. Yes, as soon as you are employed you get back your full voting rights!!!!!! The concept of human equality in its present form is outdated and needs radical revision!!!!!!

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Teamwork: n. interacting with more than one human trying to achieve the same goal(s).

The ideal team is competent individuals who know their skill set and can function relatively independently towards a common goal(s).

In the real world there are team members who need some assistance in the form of information and/or guidance to do the work successfully and this frequently requires input from the team leader and other members of the team. Feedback during the common goal(s) achievement is very important so that the work proceeds in an orderly timely way.

Sharing information and knowledge amongst team members is frequently also necessary so the interaction of the team is seldom a one on one interaction.

What may surface during teamwork is that an additional team member may be necessary or a current team member needs to be replaced with a better one.

In sports teamwork physical ability takes precedence with overall strategic advice incorporated into the game and knowing how to adjust to opposing team tactics. Sports teamwork is much more impulsive than corporate teamwork and doesn’t last that long unless you incorporate the time spent planning before a game too.

Keeping a team emotionally motivated despite inevitable failures along the way is very important and the team leader must have emotional IQ as well as a pretty good knowledge of what has to be done to complete a goal(s) successfully. It also helps if the team members are emotionally mature and not interested in goofing off, getting others to do their work, and backstabbing coworkers.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 800 so far, and one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially COMMON SENSErays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.