Teamwork: n. interacting with more than one human trying to achieve the same goal(s).

The ideal team is competent individuals who know their skill set and can function relatively independently towards a common goal(s).

In the real world there are team members who need some assistance in the form of information and/or guidance to do the work successfully and this frequently requires input from the team leader and other members of the team. Feedback during the common goal(s) achievement is very important so that the work proceeds in an orderly timely way.

Sharing information and knowledge amongst team members is frequently also necessary so the interaction of the team is seldom a one on one interaction.

What may surface during teamwork is that an additional team member may be necessary or a current team member needs to be replaced with a better one.

In sports teamwork physical ability takes precedence with overall strategic advice incorporated into the game and knowing how to adjust to opposing team tactics. Sports teamwork is much more impulsive than corporate teamwork and doesn’t last that long unless you incorporate the time spent planning before a game too.

Keeping a team emotionally motivated despite inevitable failures along the way is very important and the team leader must have emotional IQ as well as a pretty good knowledge of what has to be done to complete a goal(s) successfully. It also helps if the team members are emotionally mature and not interested in goofing off, getting others to do their work, and backstabbing coworkers.

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