Talent: n. much natural ability whose dominant cause is hereditary

Talent or hereditary ability generally can be classified as an exceptional memory which is frequently verbal or mathematical or both and/or physical ability which is demonstrated by great strength and/or very good coordination.

Relatively few humans are multitalented both mentally and physically but if there should be a standard of human excellence then it should be one who is both mentally and physically multitalented.

Hard work can sometimes make up for an absence of talent but talent combined with hard work is an unbeatable combination which many celebrities and charismatic leaders have.

Far too many without much talent think that with enough hard work they can achieve almost any lofty goal. Unfortunately quite a few of them wind up being premature burnouts or serial failures from trying to do the impossible and fame and fortune eludes them.

You can be an idiot savant with a special talent in one area of expertise only but the truly talented have the ability to creatively manipulate all the information which they have learned and create new concepts and/or new useful rearrangements with it.

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