Observing space through a telescope

Our attempted explanations of the universe don’t make any logical sense and we must admit honestly that our minds and science are just not smart enough to explain it.

Theoretically a galaxy is a black or grey hole which spews out stars and the universe is a black or grey hole which spews out galaxies. What does a black or grey hole with infinite mass and energy really spew out? Is it stars or galaxies which are clusters of stars that are spewed out? No one really knows and it is a logical dilemma without an answer.

If we accept the illogical fact that there are black or grey holes then they can’t spew out stars in one instance and galaxies in another instance. Our preoccupation with life and death answers can’t answer the fundamental question as to whether there is life and death for galaxies or life and death for the universe. I personally believe that there is no life and death for the universe and that it always has been around and it will always be around on into the foreseeable future.

The big bang is an illogical myth as are the theories about multiple universes or bubble universes. Bubble universes are also modern myths which don’t make any logical sense. A universe is infinite or never ends and bubble universes have a limit which theoretically is infinity. However infinity really can’t be a limit because infinity by definition is without limits.

Modern theoretical physics is unprovable mythological bullshit which doesn’t explain anything logically and never will because our brains and the relatively poor mathematical tool which we use is not adequate to give us true answers to the origin of the universe because truthfully there may have been no origin to the universe or an actual beginning.

The logical question to ask is what happened or went on before the beginning of the universe? Frankly no one knows or ever will!!!!!! The universe is a big mystery which even science can’t or ever will explain adequately.

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