Landscapes range in degrees from the truly great or awesome to the mediocre or not very interesting. They cover a large distance to a focused close up view of one or more objects.

Sky, land, and water are the elements which are seen. What captivates our attention is the size, shape, and color contrast of the objects in the picture. The larger the size, the more unusual the shape, and the more varied the color the more the landscape captures our attention and looks interesting or even awesome.

Great landscapes usually cover great distances, have sky, land, and water in them and are very colorful as well as in total focus without any blurring effects.

Mountains, cliffs, waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and the ocean by themselves or in tandem can all make for spectacular views and animals, plants, and trees are what can add interest to a landscape and make it truly outstanding.

Aerial views or views from the sky can be pretty spectacular and cover larger distances than a ground camera can.

I prefer spectacular landscapes with waterfalls, many mountains, and very colorful contrasts or truly rare sights in this world because I have not been overexposed to those views and still find them awesome and inspiring.

If you want to become a renowned landscape photographer or videographer then you will unfortunately have to afford to go to all the spectacular places on this planet earth to do so.

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