239 - baby big-eyes suspicion

Suspicion: n. judging intuitively that a subset(s) with little evidence or no proof is the probable cause of an event(s) in the past or the future

Sometimes we may have no proof or just a suspicion that someone is lying to us or stealing from us or an organization. If we investigate thoroughly we may find evidence that our suspicions were accurate.

Sometimes our impulsive feelings are accurate without proof because we have become very skilled at determining small changes in speech or mannerisms which are indicators of lying or deception.

After working for many years in the personnel department or having much experience hiring employees we may sometimes go with our gut or intuitive feelings about a human and not just the details found on a resume.

Sizing up a human based on speech patterns and body language is an acquired skill which few have in abundance because it demands exposure to a wide variety of human personality types over many years. The intuitive feelings of older adults are frequently more accurate than the intuitive feelings of young adults. The intuitive feelings of spouses and close friends about each other are frequently more accurate than intuitive feelings about casual friends.

Blaming or criticizing a human based on a suspicion is a dangerous thing to do overtly because without proof you are merely guessing. In many cases your guesses may be totally wrong and you may wind up offending a human unjustly for something they did not do.

There are also rare paranoid humans who intuitively feel or suspect that almost everyone is lying to them or deceiving them and maybe even stealing from them.

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