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Give sincere earned compliments and praise and a close friendship grows in strength, the potential for new close friendships grows, and your good reputation grows with acquaintances too.

Exaggerated compliments and praise may con the gullible and insecure humans in the short duration but the honest human will consider you an insincere dishonest BS artist.

A good reputation which has taken years to create can be destroyed almost overnight with intentional lies, intentional deceptions, incompetence, or fraud.

Name calling, put downs, ridicule, and accusations of incompetence frequently stereotype a human unjustly causing hurt feelings and a sense that one has been attacked verbally which causes that human to think less highly of you and it damages your reputation.

Hate, resentment, jealousy, revenge, anger, and fear can make your life miserable if you obsess yourself with those emotions. If you think that other humans are your enemy then your venom will spill over into your everyday life and affect it adversely. If you can ignore or avoid bad humans then do so but don’t let their misdeeds linger in your mind for too long. If you are the victim of abuse then make plans to escape it and if you are abused on the job then make plans for a better job.

A human who listens much, accurately reads your emotions, and responds briefly with appropriate comments will appear smarter and more likeable than one who talks much about themselves and almost always tries to impose their opinions on you or show you that their point of view is always right.

Interruptions are rude unless there is an emergency or the speaker is boring you to death and can’t seem to stop talking or is doing nothing of importance.

If you don’t understand what is being communicated or what is going on or aren’t sure of an emotional state then ask some appropriate questions before reacting impulsively and frequently wrongly to a confusing situation.

When in doubt then ask more relevant questions or gather more useful information about the subject matter or situation.

If logically thinking about a problem does not seem to lead to a response which must be made quickly or urgently, then go with your impulsive feelings if you have any at the time.

If you have nothing good to say about a human then don’t say anything at all unless that human is a threat to your profit margin or someone else’s profit margin.

The best friends are honest, sincere, dependable, caring, and trustworthy. Settle for less in friendships and chances are that they will only be friends when things are going good in your life but will be unreliable disappointments when you need some help in tough times.

If you are verbally attacked for doing or saying something first make sure that you don’t deserve to be attacked for doing or saying something inappropriate or wrong. Apologize if you are at fault and only defend yourself if you are not to blame for the criticism.

Charismatic leaders are confident, honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, caring humans. For most of us being honest, sincere, dependable, and trustworthy will go a long way at bonding successfully with others. You can always work at being more caring and competent later which will increase your confidence and personal charisma.

Identifying your bad habits is the first step towards self-improvement but what you must realize is that without personal determination, persistence, and perseverance or self-control your chances of eliminating or greatly reducing the bad habits is highly unlikely. Getting support or motivation from others to change your bad habits can sometimes greatly help if you are willing to listen to them and take their advice.

Success in life largely depends on setting small and large realistic goals which you avidly pursue with unrelenting persistence despite many setbacks. The smart human thinks about and learns from failure and frequently makes new plans or different ways of getting to the same realistic goal(s).

Stuck in an unsatisfying lifestyle? Learn new useful skills, new useful knowledge, and talk to interesting humans who don’t seem to be unsatisfied and maybe they will offer you some useful advice on how to get out of your unsatisfying lifestyle.

Create a valuable product(s) with friendly service and you will have many customers. Create a paid membership with discounts and free services and you will create many loyal customers who shop more at your establishment.

Finally if you feel abused or oppressed by the system of government then share your views with as many humans as you can openly or secretly with like minded humans if your views are being censored by the government.


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