Sadism: n. habitually getting pleasure from causing pain and/or suffering and/or humiliation on others

Some humans abuse their spouses and offspring and can be called sadists who get pleasure from inflicting pain, suffering, and humiliation on others.

Historically some prison officials were sadists who took pleasure in torturing the inmates and in some tyrannical governments opponents are sometimes tortured when imprisoned by sadist types.

Cruel and unusual punishment is forbidden in the constitution and it is just a testimony to the fact that sadism lies hidden under a veneer of civilized behavior which can resurface relatively easily if our guard is off.

In a democracy where tyrannical behavior is not easily tolerated sadism has fewer places to hide and sadistic bosses are frequently removed from positions of power. Even so there are some bosses who take pleasure in humiliating their workers and make them suffer with their verbal abuse.

As long as some humans engage in violent physical and/or abusive verbal behavior to try and dominate others sadism will continue to exist.

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