Brainwashing is getting you to obey or believe untruths, deceptions, lies, and ways of doing things without asking questions or thinking about the real truth of things. How this is done may not be obvious to you and there are 6 basic ways that brainwashing is accomplished.

Chanting slogans and excitedly corralling in unison with a group shuts out the logical reasoning questioning powers of the brain.

Deceptively adding bullshit or allegations of possible wrongdoing into your subconscious mixed with some truth and facts can genuinely mislead you into false beliefs and opinions or unproven suspicions.

Cultishly controlling or monopolizing what you watch or read can isolate your thinking and behavior along only biased acceptable lines of thinking and behaving.

Shaming you and ridiculing you for a different point of view or behavior is designed to intimidate you into obediently following without questioning in the future.

Arguing with black or white, yes or no, always or never, and good or bad choices which are emphasized so you don’t have the courage to question and maybe find out that infrequently, sometimes, and frequently are the true answers.

Always phrasing issues as us versus them or us versus the enemy and appealing to the instinctual herd instinct that your group is always better than the other group and your group’s beliefs and behaviors must survive and triumph at all costs.

Note these devious brainwashing techniques are used much on young and old offspring to get obedience to parental beliefs, opinions, and behaviors so you can thank much of what you do and say to the brainwashing tactics of your parents, role models, friends, teachers, and the media. You may think that brainwashing for a good cause or to get good results is justifiable but you will not readily create open mindedness, tolerance, and much logical thinking with a brainwashing approach.

A much more detailed account of these 6 brainwashing techniques is given in this link to a article:

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