We all have many bad habits which have become part of our everyday lives and if we eliminate them from our lives then what do we replace them with to fill the void? Replace them partially or totally with good habits.

In a nutshell the good habits are

eating and drinking healthy,

moderately exercising or moving around physically,

financial responsibility,

working smart and hard,

having good relationships with important humans in your life,

improving yourself with new useful knowledge and skills,

and taking time out to think about the priorities or goals in your life and making small adjustments as needed or drastically changing the priorities in an emergency or crisis situation.

In a nutshell the bad habits are

eating and drinking unhealthy,

not exercising or moving around much,

financial irresponsibility,

working stupidly or doing the minimum amount of work,

having bad relationships with important humans in your life,

not improving yourself with new useful knowledge and skills,

not taking time out to think about and readjust the priorities or goals in your life,

not being prepared for emergency or crisis situations,

and being trapped in bad addictive chemical behaviors.

Addiction: n. compulsively desiring a subset(s)

Addictions are usually thought of as addictions to a chemical substance frequently accompanied by severe withdrawal symptoms but processed food and drinks are also filled with lopsided chemicals some of which humans are addicted to such as sugar, caffeine, and carbohydrates. The withdrawal symptoms are sometimes increased anxiety and cravings for the food or drink.

I like to think of important bad habits as addictions to important bad behaviors with withdrawal symptoms similar to food and drink or noticeable increases in anxiety or craving for the bad behavior. The truth is that good habits are also addictions which you can develop a craving for. The choice is yours. Which addictions do you want in your life?

Sexual and gambling addictions or compulsions can do much harm to their addicts who definitely develop cravings for the bad behavior habits when isolated from them. Not everyone gets addicted to compulsive shopping, promiscuity, pornography, or gambling so if one does it a little or sometimes does some in moderation then it can’t be considered to be an addiction or bad behavior all the time or in every instance.

In a crisis situation you may have to go cold turkey or exclude the bad habit completely from your life. Realistically most bad habits are eliminated or reduced in small steps with good habits eventually getting lengthier time wise and more frequent and gradually replacing the old bad habits.

If you are eating unhealthy then start introducing tasty healthy organic snacks and eventually tasty healthy organic ingredients into your meals. Even organic food and drinks are not always tasty so feel free to add your own spices and sugar free sauces to the organic food and drink to suit your taste.

Keep gradually increasing the frequency and quantity of the organic food and drink. Eventually the tasty healthy organic food and drink will replace much of the unhealthy food and drink in your life if you unrelentingly persist in your goal of more healthy eating.

Sure society is so structured that becoming an organic fanatic is not only expensive but hard to do, especially with meat, and if you indulge in unhealthy eating once in a while then don’t feel guilty about it because it will not kill you or ruin your health dramatically.

Unfortunately the herd instinct or doing what others around you are doing is a very compelling force and it is very hard to overcome. This is why you should seriously consider finding new best friends with more good habits which you hope to get and leave behind your old best friends with the old bad habits which you have and want to get rid of.

If your best friends eat unhealthy, don’t exercise, are financially irresponsible, don’t like to work, have bad relationships with important humans, and have severe chemical or behavioral addictions or compulsions then the chances are that you will never rid yourself or decrease those bad habits in your life.

Birds of a feather tend to flock together and if you find yourself a member of a group of humans addicted to many bad habits then the situation for improvement is hopeless unless you miraculously become an independent selfmotivated good habit fanatic and live a life of relative seclusion or isolation.

Many humans have large egos and feel that they have almost no bad habits to get rid of. Knowing what a bad habit is or selfawareness is the first step on the road to a better you!!!!!!

Even after selfawareness you may feel that you are getting too much pleasure or satisfaction from your bad habits to want to change them. That is why the freedom to choose is such a heavy personal responsibility for all adult humans and many choose wrongly in the short duration and end up in misery in the long duration with bad health, financial bankruptcy, bad relationships, a bad lifestyle, and sometimes even death.

All good and bad habits start in childhood so you are truly at an unfair or unjust advantage if you have parents, relatives, childhood friends, and teachers with many good habits who serve as good role models.

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