Propaganda: n. the propagation of dogma with claims of truth but in fact the dogma frequently has some  or many lies and/or deceptions

When you advertise dogma then you are in fact propagandizing and much political and religious dogma has some or even many lies and deceptions.

In Nazi Germany the Aryan race was advertised as being superior to other races and made the Germans and other Aryans feel superior to others and so many were willing to make unreasonable sacrifices for their nations. White supremacy or white supremacists are an outgrowth of this propaganda which tries to entice white humans into thinking that they are in some way superior to others, can put down other non-white humans, and are therefore deserving of the better things in life.

The real truth is that there are many individual superior or talented humans in every race and superiority should not be thought of as a group characteristic common to all members of the group.

Some forms of propaganda are called the big lie which means that if you repeat a tempting lie publicly frequently enough then many humans will begin to believe it is true.

Today propaganda is much more prevalent in advertisements of products which untruthfully claim to make you beautiful, healthy, lose weight, and give you sex appeal.

BS can be thought of as a form of personal propaganda which many gullible humans fall for but it is really common lies and deceptions which are not advertised publicly.

Politicians and advertisers are not the only ones who can be blamed for propaganda but you too are engaging in your own personal form of propaganda if you lie or are being deceptive in the same way to more than one human. The important difference is that you can sometimes get away with public propaganda but if you try your own personal propaganda and are caught then your reputation is destroyed and humans will start to avoid you as much as possible and you will be ostracized from their circle of friends.

Politics, religion, social groups, and many advertisers are guilty of propaganda which has claims of superiority that are frequently just not totally true if analyzed for factual realities. We unfortunately live in a world saturated with propaganda or filled with many myths, lies, and deceptions. The truth is frequently not pleasant to hear so propaganda reigns supreme in much human activity.

I understand why propaganda is so dominant and popular in society but that still does not discourage me from fighting against propaganda in all its forms and shapes with the truth.


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