Revolution: n. forcing change in the government by people usually not in positions of authority

Pure revolution is the violent overthrow of the government and replacing it with new leadership and frequently a new constitution with or without the direct participation of the public.

Revolutions against relatively small tyrannies are still going on but increasingly it is becoming very hard to overthrow an existing government which is heavily armed.

Political power grows out of violent military or police power and is held in place by enforcement which uses physical violence as an ultimate form of enforcement. This is why one of the first priorities of tyrannies is to disarm the law abiding public who senses corrupt tyrannical government and potentially may decide to do something violent about it. The thing which tyrants fear most is morally outraged armed citizens.

Relatively small regional powers may be victims of revolution but large powers such as the United States, Russia, and China are less subject to violent revolutions because of large military and security forces which can use their overwhelming power to suppress violent uprisings relatively easily.


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