Ambition: n. setting of a goal(s) with an intense desire and it is usually a goal(s) with a relatively great importance in society.

Many humans confuse ambition with making and achieving any goal such as owning a big house, luxurious car, yacht, traveling to many places, seeing interesting events in different countries, doing different sports, or in effect making a bucket list of things to do and trying to do them all. This abundant activity is really not true ambition but doing a large quantity of rather mundane things in your life which other humans with enough money can also do relatively easily.

True ambition for humans with great memory for names and events is making loftier goals, setting your sights high, and trying to achieve prestigious leadership positions in politics, business, military, religion, and relatively big organizations such as non profits. Those who have a very good memory and ambition can aspire to excelling in careers such as medicine, law, science, engineering, computer science, and acting.

Too many are delusional and aspire to celebrity status in the media and music. Some humans just want to ambitiously make much money and rather quickly so they try to get a prestigious position on Wall street or try to become a leading banker.

Many are very ambitious with little inborn talent or average memories and think that through hard work and persistence that they will achieve their lofty goals only to discover a sea of disappointment, failure, and premature burnout. You can become a leader in a big pond or a small one and if you feel that you don’t have enough natural talent to make it nationally or internationally then settle for becoming a leader locally.

The fascinating truism about ambition is that when you achieve your goals you are never satisfied and want more success or even greater prestige or celebrity status. Historically great conquerors and leaders unsatisfied with their great achievements and power tried to become immortal gods and failed miserably. Our true ambition would be to live forever and knowing that this is impossible we hope that our celebrity is so great that future generations will remember us forever for our achievements.

Even greatly propagandized written works like the bible and other religious works will not live forever except perhaps on some digital storage device out of reach for most in the general public.

The archaic written word or language is changing and religious writings need some serious updating if they are to keep their relevance in the 21st century.


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