A boss who is a control freak and wants to dominate all activities and be obeyed without questioning needs to learn that blind obedience is not the most efficient way to run a business.

A stubborn boss who thinks that he never makes mistakes or is not willing to evaluate opposing opinions and judge them on their merit is an egomaniac who is bad for business.

Indecisiveness or an absence of needed confidence is also bad which frequently shows that a boss is too inexperienced or a bad leader who seems not to know what to do or how to lead.

A boss interested in the status quo or one resistant to change of any kind will not adapt when necessary or when it becomes obvious that change is necessary for the business to continue thriving under new circumstances.

Micromanaging employee behavior stifles employee growth in learning new skills necessary for advancement and sense of selfmotivating personal accomplishment.

Threats of punishment or firing or using tyrannical fear to motivate employees to work well will not only cause heavy turnover of employees but less efficient work habits and your employees will hate you.

Showing favoritism to certain employees who are not efficient and productive workers will demoralize the good workers, ruin good team effort, and make them less productive and less respectful of the boss.

An arrogant bragging boss is not a pretty sight and the feelings of superiority are seldom shared by employees.

An angry emotional boss not only ruins a secure productive work environment but emotional subjectivity frequently ignores objective facts which need to be considered and adapted to to make work more productive.

A blaming boss who never admits that mistakes are sometimes his or her fault too and takes all credit for success is a selfish fool with a faulty me against you attitude.


Not every imperfect boss has all the above bad characteristics or they would not survive as a boss in any business but each additional bad characteristic which you have makes you a progressively worse boss.

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