Rumor: v. to currently circulate information of uncertain and/or doubtful truth

Some rumors are outright lies designed to hurt someone’s reputation. If you start an untrue rumor then chances are great that it will come back to bite you sooner or later and your own reputation will be tarnished when someone finds out who the source of the untrue rumor really is.

Spreading rumors which are untrue or highly doubtful is malicious gossip and you should try and avoid becoming part of an unjust rumor mill. To determine whether a rumor is untrue check the source. If it is someone with a reputation for spreading untrue rumors then don’t accept it as the truth and definitely don’t spread it further or you too will be blamed for spreading lies.

If the source of the rumor is someone whom you trust then you have the choice of spreading it further or keeping the juicy information to yourself. If the rumor is something bad about a human whose respect you want then the best thing to do is just to keep it to yourself and save it for the future in case you need ammunition to fight back if you are victimized by some injustice.


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