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Risk Mgmt

Risk: v. to try to achieve a goal(s) with an approximated probability but not certainty

Living life is a risky proposition. You can be involved in an accident, can ruin a relationship with bad behavior, and lose a relatively secure job due to technological advancement. Most prefer security and take few risks but there are humans who thrive on risk taking and gamble with their personal lives doing things which would make other humans wince with disbelief.

Some professional sports are risky with a high probability of injury as are new business ventures but thanks to the risk takers progress is made in society which much prefers the status quo approach to life or the don’t rock the boat philosophy.

There is stupid risk taking such as gambling with the odds against you in the long duration and extreme sports such as rock climbing without a rope for security. Many are addicted to an adrenaline rush which comes with risky physical behavior but in most cases there are safety backups which minimize the probability of physical injury to acceptable levels.

Some are so afraid of social disapproval that they don’t readily risk interacting socially with other humans. Some are stuck in unrewarding emotionally devastating jobs yet don’t want to risk changing jobs for fear that they will become unemployed in the near future.

Fear is what keeps us from taking calculated worthwhile risks in life and sometimes it is based on a history of failure at attempting too many risks which didn’t work out to our benefit.

A good principle to follow is take more risks  with potentially good rewards in young adulthood and middle age and take fewer risks, especially financial ones, in old age.

If you are getting bored with life then take a risk and try something new. Learn a new skill, acquire new knowledge, or do something different by tasting a new healthy food, listening to old popular music before your birth, shopping in a new store, or communicating with a new friend.

Most humans are trapped in their bad habits or old habits and never risk venturing forward and trying to find something new to do in their lives. Sometimes doing something new can keep life interesting even into old age when most humans erroneously think that they know it all.


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