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Many of us are struggling hard to survive financially and some of us are struggling hard to survive debilitating illnesses or health problems. For humans survival means eat a wide variety of healthy organic food, drink healthy, exercise moderately, and learn to budget your money. But this is not enough.

Our myopic or short sighted preoccupation with ourselves and other humans seldom permits us to think about the survival of wilderness which will be the safety net of human survival when our domesticated food supply will be so unhealthy due to technological intervention that we will have to resort to the domestication of wilderness food to revitalize a healthy food source for humanity.

Biodiversity is being ravaged at an accelerating pace worldwide and the food supply is also getting less diverse with a stupid emphasis on monoculture agriculture.

Fight for the survival of wilderness real estate by contributing to conservation organizations and patronize a wide variety of certified organic food as much as possible and try new seemingly exotic foods which appear on your supermarket shelves.

Promote biodiversity in the food supply by eating as wide a variety of foods as possible and propagandize in favor of wilderness and its vital healthy plants and animals which are the safety net for the future survival of human civilization.

Humans are not alone on the face of this precious endangered planet and it should be the responsibility of every human to love, nurture and protect or care for the survival of wilderness!!!!!!

Survive together or perish together. The choice is ours!!!


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