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As offspring our wishes are rather simple and somewhat materialistic but we are always comparing ourselves to others and assessing our selfworth. We wish we could have more toys or the toys of other offspring, we wish we could have nice clothes, we wish we could be taller, stronger, or more attractive than other offspring.

We wish we could be all grown up and have some of the privileges of our parents such as driving a car or being able to leave the house on our own and travel around town.  Some have relatives and meet family friends and sometimes wish that we could be like them when we grow up.

As teenagers our wish for material things continues but we get very involved in following the latest music, the latest fashion, the new movie, video game, TV show, and sports celebrity and some of us start unrealistically wishing for celebrity fame as musicians, media stars, sports stars, and actors.

Very few of us develop a realistic view on life which is the world of good useful jobs, good friends, family responsibility, and financial responsibility. Many graduate with poor job skills and still don’t know what they want to do in life realistically and have no long duration plans for the future.

Many have become overly dependent on family life without responsibility and are shocked when they find out that they are expected to earn a living on their own and lead an independent financial life of their own. The only thing that most new adult aged humans know is that they usually don’t want to be like their parents or have their jobs and live like them.

When confronted with the reality of the job world some start wishing in retrospect that they had not wasted so much time on trivial pursuits, that they had learned more useful job skills, and wish that they had been more aware that so much of their freedom to live life the way that they want is restricted by the mighty dollar.

Very many young adults wish they had more money because they find that going on dates, going to restaurants, furthering their education, following their dreams, and living independently all takes much money which most do not have. The optimism of living successfully as independent self-supporting adults comes crashing down for many.

Some move back in with their parents, some share shelter with others, and many generally can’t survive on their own while earning minimum wage at a menial job. Many optimistic wishes are shattered and replaced with a daily struggle and grind to survive financially and pay for minimum life expenses. Some seek to escape harsh reality with drugs and alcohol and many are stuck with bad friend role models all with similar problems struggling to make it in this world as young adults.

What young adults are wishing for other than more money and successful relationships with the opposite sex is not my area of expertise because technology is so radically changing the job market that I have little advice to give the technologically illiterate vast majority of young adults who have so badly prepared themselves to live in this fast changing world.

I was raised in an era of job abundance and have had many of them but what do you tell the young generation when whatever job they land will probably be replaced with technology 10 or 20 years from now!

Become technologically literate after 22 years of liberal arts brainwashing? Impossible for most and nothing short of radical reeducation is the cure. The liberal arts handicap is what most graduates will have to live with for the rest of their lives and I see little optimism for most of them in the long duration. I wish the world was a kinder place for the liberal arts but it is not and getting unkinder with each passing year.

On the optimistic side almost 47% of the population in the United States is getting some form of welfare assistance. Most liberal arts majors can look forward to living a life on welfare with their basic needs being provided for with robots and computer software all smarter than them taking over the work world.

A life of carefree leisure is what I see in the works for most of the population in the not too distant future. Your life of financial dependence on your parents will be replaced with financial dependence on the welfare system so many of us will be freed of the need to work for a living. Eternal childhood for most is what I predict in the future for most. With an abundance of cheap alcohol and maybe even a drug or two to get high on and feel artificially good, many liberal arts majors will not miss the world of work that much!!!!!!

Wish: v. to desire a future goal(s) which frequently has (a relatively small and/or very uncertain) and/or an even zero probability of existence


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