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The relationship is emotionally very compatible and each partner pays close attention to one another and gives tender and/or strong emotional support when needed for both good events and bad ones in each other’s lives.

You have an impulsive feeling that you have found or are living with a special human in your life.

Not only sexually but just holding hands long into the relationship still gives a considerable amount of pleasure so the good chemistry is obvious.

You have been comfortable since day one with your partner and have not been afraid to reveal your vulnerabilities and share your weaknesses with your partner. Your inner world of needs and emotions is shared without fear of rejection or insecure feelings.

You have difficult challenges in life and problems to solve but you both courageously confront them head on as a team.

You have differing opinions on things but your moral foundation is shared and you are basically honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, faithful, and caring with each other so your basic important values are never challenged.


The above relationship is rather rare because most males are less in touch with their emotional feelings and that of their spouses and exhibit less caring behaviors than most women. Many men are emotional illiterates and seldom detect emotional nuances. If your husband is honest, sincere, dependable, faithful, and basically trustworthy then this is usually the best which you can expect or hope for from a marital relationship. Tenderness, fondness, an abundance of caring, and responsiveness to subtle emotional cues is frequently not his forte.

Expecting your husband to sense that you had a bad day or feel unhappy from your tone of voice or facial expression is frequently asking too much. Telling him outright about your bad day and unhappiness is the smartest thing to do if you want to make sure that he knows that you have had a bad day or that you are unhappy about something.

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