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Internet customer reviews are BS in about 5% of cases so make sure you read more than a handful on a product and eliminate or ignore the glaring discrepancies or untrue deviant views.

Lying peaks at about age 12 so make sure that your young offspring do not get away with lying or it may become a lifelong handicap.

As many as 85 % of parents sometimes lie to their offspring to get them to behave or lie to them about Santa clause, the Easter bunny, tooth fairies, and angels. Religious mythology with supernatural events and fortune telling is institutionalized lying which many modern honest offspring can’t stand and frequently challenge.

Deceptive and lying advertising fools many and encourages more deception and lying in society.

Emails, text messages, and gossipy small talk has some lies but most of them come from humans with a greater lying frequency than the more honest ones.

If you cheat on a test and get good grades then you credit yourself with being smarter than you actually are and if you lie and get away with it or get rewarded in some way then you encourage yourself to lie again because of lying success. Undeserved ass kissing may get you desired short duration results but you will expect ass kissing from others too and you will never develop respect and admiration from those whom you are in charge of.

Lying about finances is frequent in a job poor society with many poor paying jobs and a desire to impress our dates with more financial power than we actually possess.

Past experiences are edited to fit current reality and this frequently results in lying about the past to make it fit current reality.

Not wanting to hurt someone’s feelings many frequently lie about bad looks, bad behavior, and inappropriate gifts with superlative undeserved praise.

Making promises and not fulfilling them is a form of lying about your behavior in the future. Although there are sometimes unexpected circumstances which interfere with promise fulfilling if you find that you are making too many excuses about not being on time or not keeping a promise then you are developing or have developed into a compulsive liar and not to be trusted.

If you have lying friends then chances are great that you lie more than usual too.

I am one of the few rare individuals on an anti-lying crusade but is quite rare and it is hard getting followers since comforting lies is what most prefer to the harsh reality of truth and honesty.

Finally, lying once intentionally starts to destroy trust or the bond which holds great relationships together. Lie intentionally and you create suspicion, distrust, and fear of being cheated about something and a good trusting relationship if there was one begins to disintegrate. After the first serious intentional lie a lingering question remains. What else is he or she lying to me about? 

Intentionally lie and get caught which is inevitable given enough time and the chances for developing a good new trusting long duration relationship or friendship are impossible.

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