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Responsibility: n. a subset(s) which is being controlled by a lifeform(s) and/or which is frequently an obligation(s) and/or duty(s)

If you are a parent and controlling some of the behavior of your offspring then you are being responsible. If you do your best to correct your mistakes and bad behavior then you are being responsible because you should be in control and are dutiful.

Animals such as some dogs can be trained to behave responsibly and protect humans and property. Animals are being responsible or dutiful when they raise their young offspring and pack animals assume responsibility when hunting and do their just share of the work.

Failure to be in control is being irresponsible and it will have or should have bad consequences.

A competent reputation is threatened if you start to behave irresponsibly and can no longer be trusted to fulfill your duties as a dutiful adult.

Many young adults have not been taught to be responsible independent adults because they have been over protected and under educated with rather useless information for a good paying job.

Over dependency on the family unit frequently translates into an entitlement mentality in the real world where we feel that we are entitled to benefits which we haven’t earned in a responsible adult way.

Government has a responsibility to defend the country against external and internal criminal behavior and should spend taxpayer’s money responsibly. Unfortunately government responsibility is frequently a reflection of individual responsibility and if the citizens are living immorally and irresponsibly then chances are the government will also begin to live immorally and irresponsibly and spend money unwisely.

Many modern lives are led chaotically and irresponsibly and this tremendous decrease in living skills is reflected in government actions which attempt to support much irresponsible behavior and welfare dependency.

Government and big banks are also to blame for financial irresponsibility because it doesn’t encourage humans to save money for emergencies and retirement with a dollar decreasing in value on a yearly basis due to inflation, paying almost no interest on savings accounts, and an absence of good long duration investments other than real estate. The financial system is so structured that it doesn’t pay to save money in a responsible way but rather encourages short duration speculation and profligate spending which causes financial crises and no responsible savings.

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