I am pleased to see that a return to basics or healthy organic eating, drinking, moderate exercise, sleeping naturally, and living healthy lifestyles is being shown as a realistic alternative to pill popping of psychiatric drugs for a majority of so called sick patients with bipolar disorder. This advice should go much further and be propagandized as a potential cure for most depressions, anxiety disorders, and other vaguely defined psychiatric behavioral not chemical “disorders” unless you are talking about insufficient good chemical food nutrients and too many bad chemical food ingredients which can cause metabolic imbalances and impaired natural mental functioning.

Using artificial drugs or natural drugs in too great a quantity or for too long then you are also messing with your metabolism with a high potential for inefficient brain functioning.

This puts the responsibility of living well right back into your lap, puts much of the historical blame to a large extent on bad psychiatric advice and drugs, and reinforces the importance of the basic four priorities in life which is healthy varied nutritious organic food, healthy drinks, moderate exercise, and enough natural sleep.

What the article doesn’t say is that being honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, somewhat caring, and faithful will improve your bad social lifestyle. Good social interaction is also important for many and is something which many don’t have. Many socially stress unnecessarily without knowing how to make improvements in relationships and suffer much mental anguish.

Yes, parents and bad role models are largely to blame for dysfunctional social lifestyles which can’t be changed overnight but even here with enough self-control, determination, and proper guidance and encouragement you can make some constructive progress even as spoiled adults. Proper guidance and encouragement takes much time, energy, and money after a crisis so don’t wait for a miracle to happen in your life because proper guidance and encouragement is reserved for the financially well off in this society. You may have to live with a shitty personality but you can be a healthy shitty personality if you don’t ignore the four basics of healthy living and it is almost a guarantee that you will have almost no health crises in your life other than injurious accidents.

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