Rich or poor we all need healthy food, healthy drink, moderate exercise, and enough sleep. Even if you are poor or on welfare then you can still budget your time and money and afford good food, drink, can move around, and sleep well. You may have to cut back on impulsive inefficient shopping for other life’s seeming necessities but with enough self discipline you can decrease spending on luxuries which only seem like necessities and you can decrease the quantity of food and drink consumed and concentrate on eating quality nutricious food in lesser amounts.

If you are unhealthy and stressed out or depressed and were not born that way then chances are that you are not eating healthy, drinking healthy, getting enough sleep, and not moving around enough. Even if you are a social recluse or social “failure” then you can still be a healthy one if your four primary needs are met.

Most animals in nature eat, drink, exercise, and sleep and stay healthy unless they are pack animals who depend on others for their food supply and would starve otherwise. Humans are pack animals but they seldom starve because they get fed and so are entirely capable of living on their own without having to socialize as a necessity.

Our western society is getting increasingly unhealthy and dysfunctional social behavior and addictive behaviors are frequently being blamed as the primary causes for bad health. While dysfunctional social behavior and addictions can be contributory causes to bad health the fact is that few are eating healthy food, drinking healthy, moving around enough, and getting enough sleep.

Too many artificial drugs are being used to fall asleep, feel good, escape reality, help us socialize, and mask illnesses brought on by bad nutrition causing many bad side effects which frequently lead to taking more artificial drugs to cure the incurable circumstances. Psychiatrists, drug companies, and drug pushers are making a killing selling addictive drugs with bad side effects which are then treated with more drugs.

Is insomnia one of your problems? Check the side effects of your illegal as well as legal drugs because they are notorious for disrupting your sleep habits, especially psychiatric or mind altering drugs.

Nutrient deficiencies in overly processed food, lopsided intake of sugar and artificial sweeteners, and traces of many unhealthy artificial additives resulting from factory and mono culture farming has ruined the quality of food and drink for many humans. Their number one and two priorities are not being met. The sooner we all switch to eating a wide variety of certified organic food and drinking drinks not artificially sweetened, the sooner will the health of the general population improve.


A pill or drug to instantly solve every problem in society is the dangerous myth which is devastating so many lives in western society. If you have a dysfunctional personality then you will not find a quick fix  with a feel good drug but you can at least try to make sure that your primary four needs are being met without any artificial drugs being added to the healthy mix of the big four.

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