If you have a poor job, bad personality, a bad education, and bad communication skills then chances are you are a one night stand.

You can improve your job and improve your education with much personal invested time, effort, and achievement. If you have a bad personality or bad communication skills and are a young adult then the chances that you will change this for the better are rather small and improbable because bad social habits are very hard to change in adulthood.

If you are honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, somewhat caring, and competent with a good paying job then chances are you are marriage material if you do not have a history of being promiscuous or unfaithful.

If your looks, personality, communication skills, education, and dynamic goal oriented lifestyle are not enough to attract someone on more than a handful of dates without sex then you should seriously consider improving your non sexual characteristics which are the bonds which will keep a relationship going in the long duration.

Try to use sex as the primary attractant and you will fail miserably in a close long duration trusting relationship. Even serious marriage minded males do not want a promiscuous liberated female or one who gives sex freely with no strings attached.

Online dating and most dating can be a very frustrating and disappointing in an increasingly promiscuous hedonistic culture. Many are victimized by social brainwashing which encourages irresponsible behavior or the live for today party mentality. Good marriage material in western cultures is becoming increasingly rare so don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t finding any good marriage material these days who can commit for a long duration responsibly.


Be honest, sincere, dependable, trustworthy, competent, somewhat caring, and faithful and try to associate with humans who also have those fundamental important characteristics since most will have similar minded friends. In effect, try to associate with humans who are also marriage material. If you have surrounded yourself with humans who are one night stands then don’t be too surprised if you have become or are one of them!!!!!!

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