Armageddon or the end of civilization has been preached in one form or another through the ages. Of all the possibilities here is one more to add to the list which is a very probable scary scenario. The long duration threat is actually antibiotic resistant bacteria which are also forming in our artificial waste treatment sewage plants and endangering all animals downstream including humans.

Perhaps the one optimistic note is that at least we can identify some of the antibiotic drug resistant toxic gut bacteria and knowing your enemy can sometimes lead to a temporary cure or necessary change in lifestyle before it is too late to change the dire circumstances. Don’t use or sell sewage plant fertilizer is the first step we can all take to reverse the ominous trend. Don’t try to make potable water out of communal effluent unless you boil the water off is another good rule to follow.

Here is a link to an article with scientific backing to prove the seriousness of the situation.

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