You will probably eat, go to the bathroom, work, communicate, and drive a car almost every day. These things have a very high probability or are certain.

Less probable things done on a weekly or monthly basis are shopping, filling up a gas tank, going to a movie, going to a restaurant, paying rent or a mortgage, getting paid, and meeting a friend in person.

On a yearly basis you may go on vacation, go to the dentist, and pay your taxes.

In a lifetime you may marry once or twice, have more than a handful of jobs, have health problems, and live in more than a handful of locations. These are rather common things which most of us do and there is a high probability that they will exist or happen in our lives.

Not so probable things are getting the job of your dreams, making much money, marrying a soul mate, and traveling to some truly awesome places in the world.

The truth is that through invested time, effort, and achievement you can sometimes increase the probability of getting what you really want in life. By just living casually day by day and not budgeting your money you will probably not get much of what you think you want out of life.

The probability of things which will exist in your life is determined by chance to some extent because we frequently can’t avoid accidents, medical crises, and sudden financial reversals in our life, especially if we are big risk takers. Opportunity in life sometimes comes by chance but if we haven’t prepared for it then it may pass us by and we may regret it for the rest of our lives.


At the two extremes there are humans who let things happen and there are those who try to make things happen in their favor. Most of us let things happen and relatively infrequently try to make important things happen in our lives with careful planning and preparation.

What is the probability that you will live a long and prosperous happy life? No one really knows for sure but if you eat healthy, exercise moderately, never give up, continue to struggle trying to solve everyday problems, and try to learn new useful skills and knowledge then the probability that you will have an interesting life without many regrets increases greatly.

There are probable things in your life which you will frequently and relatively easily do in your life and then there are the improbable things which will just happen to you or happen because of time, effort, achievement, and money spent to make them happen even though the odds against it happening are rather great.

Knowing what the highly improbable things are in life or the impossible things are is important because you can waste a tremendous amount of valuable time, effort, and money trying to make the impossible possible in your life. A life filled with failure, frustration, and depressing disappointment is what awaits you if you don’t set realistic goals and don’t try to achieve possible realistic goals in your life and focus on the impossible instead.

If you don’t have an excellent memory and talent to become a celebrity in the nation or internationally then try to become a celebrity or someone outstanding locally or in an important local profession.

You may only have the potential to become a big fish in a little pond but not have the potential to become a big fish in a big pond. Most of us have to content ourselves with being little fish in a little pond or big pond and that is perfectly acceptable since most of us lead rather normal or mundane lives and have no great urge to excel at anything truly important in society.

Having a happy family and doing a bucket list of interesting things in life is enough of a challenge for most of us and fewer each year are succeeding at even living this kind of a marginal traditional lifestyle.

If you are leading most of your life living the single lifestyle then you can even be content with this because you have the freedom to live life your way without making compromises with a significant other. Not reproducing or not having offspring is also not a disaster because what the polluted world needs least of all is another mouth to feed in a sea of overpopulated humanity.

Death is a certainty for all of us so make the best of life between now and then so that you will have a minimum of regrets on your death bed!!!!!!

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