Abundance: n. having more than an adequate quantity of a subset(s) possessed and/or needed and/or desired

Wealthy nations are living in an age of seeming abundance. There is more cheap energy, cheap food, cheap goods, and cheap entertainment than we can consume and this has led to many profligate irresponsible lifestyles. There are LESS quality humans, quality relationships, quality food, quality goods, quality entertainment, quality government, and quality wilderness.

Abundance has its costs and quality is what suffers. Technology when properly applied is an antidote to bad quality but unfortunately it is also being used to promote the abundance of cheap subsets which are destroying the biodiversity of the food supply and wilderness and endangering the quality of life for future generations.

A voracious largely mindless impulsive short duration consumption of goods and services is creating too many “live for today” inefficient lifestyles which nature abhors and is already punishing humans with bad health, dysfunctional relationships, and bad addictive lifestyles.

Increasing irresponsible financial and immoral individual behavior is creating government dependency and an irresponsible financially and morally incompetent inefficient government with a leadership which no longer knows how to govern justly.

A government which encourages and rewards growing healthy organic food by not taxing it, which promotes an updated secular moral code for elementary students, which promotes thrifty personal financial behavior which includes budgeting for emergencies and old age is what is needed. A government which operates with updated just taxation and laws, has financial reserves for fiscal emergencies which does not include the counterfeiting of money as needed, and balances the national budget on a yearly basis is what is sorely needed.

Profligacy or living abundantly beyond your means is not easy to change overnight but managing abundance responsibly is something which must be done for the long duration health of humans and the healthy economy of the nation and world.

 Finally there is an abundance of money not linked to tangible assests in the hands of wealthy individuals and there is so much of it that they don’t know how to invest it wisely for the long duration because there is such an emphasis on short duration profit. This oversupply of money and not enough smarts to invest it wisely for the long duration is what is polluting the world, polluting relationships, and destroying wilderness and biodiversity of the food supply upon which civilization’s ultimate survival depends!!!!!!

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