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Abuse: v. to behave very badly on a lifeform(s) and frequently with nonlethal violence towards a lifeform(s)

Humans can be abused but so can animals with the use of nonlethal violence and neglect. If you are being abused then chances are rather great that you also came from an abusive family. The logical way out of an abusive relationship is just to end it but unfortunately some are emotionally trapped in fear by being threatened with death and physically punished on a regular basis and chose not to do anything about it until they are actually stabbed or shot and barely escape with their lives.

Many more are psychologically abused with verbal insults, put downs, excessive criticism, name calling, and even threats of physical violence. Your boss, spouse, or an authority figure may be abusing you but there is also self-inflicted abuse in the form of addictive gambling, excessive pornography, drug and alcohol abuse.

If you are an abused spouse then it is largely your fault that you didn’t spend enough time before marriage finding out about an abusive personality which is now victimizing you.

For humans verbal abuse is the most common form but there is also a violent  abusive relationship which some choose to tolerate. Offspring can be abused in standard ways but also by merely ignoring or neglecting them and not teaching them proper social behavior norms.

For pets and animals violent abuse exists but another less obvious form is neglect or failure to maintain an animal in sanitary conditions with adequate food and water.

Abuse is frequently learned from abusive family relationships but an aggressive violent tendency has to be controlled by most of us because it is only the thin veneer of proper socialization which prevents us from violently exploding into raging maniacs when we are abused unjustly and want to defend ourselves or fight back at perceived injustice.

Wilderness is being abused by humans and unfortunately there are no animal and plant rights which permit them to fight back against injustice or the stealing and polluting of their real estate!!!!!!

Domesticated plants and animals are also being abused with factory farming, toxic chemicals, and artificial drugs. We are all paying for it with unhealthy food and increasingly unhealthy bodies. They need legal rights against abuse more than humans do!!!!!!

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