Reluctance: n. unwillingness to do a subset(s) opposite to your custom frequently because of (immorality and/or dislike) and/or (hatred and/or fear) and/or (habit and/or uncertainty)

Sometimes we are reluctant or don’t want to do something because we have never done it, because it is immoral, because we dislike doing it, because we hate it, because we fear it, or because we are uncertain of the outcome.

Your impulsive inner voice is frequently reluctance and you may have even become reluctant because you carefully thought something through and decided it was not in your best interest to do or say it.

Because of our big egos we are sometimes even reluctant to apologize for our mistakes or hurtful remarks and this is frequently misguided reluctance which decreases respect for us.

Frequently we are reluctant to change our bad habits because we enjoy them so much no matter how critical others seem to be about the bad habits. This kind of reluctance should be overcome with self-determination as soon as possible because staying with very bad habits will just hurt you in the long duration.

Reluctance frequently changes into procrastination and something which ought to be done never gets done because you keep putting it off forever.

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