Adoption: n. accepting legal responsibility for nongenetic offspring

Many in society are having to deal with adopted offspring from previous failed marriages or from the fact that they are infertile as a couple and can’t have any genetic offspring of their own. It is hard to correct the parenting mistakes which have handicapped adopted offspring from a divorced marriage but ultimately it is your parenting skills, if you have any, which will determine how they will parent their own offspring if they decide to have any.

Ideally you should instill a love of learning in your offspring by providing them with many interesting useful books but unfortunately offspring need not only good moral parenting role models but also need good friend role models and inspiring teachers as role models who are in such short supply these days in public schools.

I married a gifted, controlling, hard working, artistic wife who didn’t speak English with a gifted son from a failed marriage. She didn’t like to parent and I also didn’t have many caring parenting skills and am scientifically and logically predisposed which is almost her polar opposite. We have had a successful marriage and my adopted son is making me proud in a responsible job with a wonderful wife and three talented grandchildren.

What will become of my genetic son is still a big question mark because we don’t have the money to send him to further education and standard liberal arts education bored the hell out of him. His focus was primarily on figure skating and he had no inspiring math or science teachers since he learned it from an online charter school.

Without a university education in technology the odds are stacked against him but I am still hoping that he will somehow eventually make it in this screwed up world and maybe have offspring of his own and a good wife some day.

If you have instilled your morality and have a great relationship with your spouse that is a big advantage. If your offspring don’t do well in life then you can put most of the blame on bad friends, mediocre teachers, and a rather useless liberal arts education.

Humans adopt offspring because they can’t have their own, they want to expand their family, and they want to help offspring in need of parents. Offspring before the age of 3 who have no parents are usually stunted in social development and frequently have IQ’s as many as 20 points lower than the average expected for them.

In the United States foster care without adoption or waiting for adoption also exists and the average time spent waiting for adoption is about two years and about 50% of them have some serious medical problems. About 15% are in institutions or group homes and the rest in family settings.

Healthy attractive very young offspring are adopted rather quickly and the rest have a much harder time getting adopted, especially if they have severe behavioral problems. Some parents adopt foreign offspring in the hopes of getting better quality offspring.

Finally some gay couples also want to adopt offspring but I personally feel that they should be second in line and that heterosexual couples should get first rights at adoption. Legal marital status before adoption rights should be mandatory for gays since offspring are a serious financial responsibility and the last thing which I would like to see is single unwed gays on welfare raising offspring.

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