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Regret: v. to sense a wrong reaction which may be doing something bad and/or wrong and/or not doing a subset(s) which should have been done and wishing one had the power to change the wrong reaction

None of us is perfect so we sometimes regret doing or saying something which offends someone or hurts someone. We also regret not doing something or participating in some event(s) which upon reflection is something we missed out on.

Apologizing is the smart thing to do if you realize that you have made a mistake or said something which has hurt another’s feelings. Sometimes doing something to try and compensate for the hurt can also be done and sometimes only fixing a mistake and correcting it may be enough compensation.

What is done or is said can never be taken back and erased from memory so try to be careful in the first place and stop name calling and doing rude, hurtful, inconsiderate, or ridiculing things to other humans.

Whatever you do stop wallowing in regrets and move forward having learned from past mistakes. You can’t remake history so move forward and make better history.

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