Adventure: n. a frequently risky dangerous activity(s) whose primary goal(s) is frequently excitement not profit

Roaming a wild rainforest, hitchhiking across a country, and orbiting in space can all be considered true adventures because there is some risky danger involved. If you visit a civilized foreign country then you may feel that it is an adventure but there is really very little dangerous risk associated with it and it should be called traveling with very little adventure included.

If you are just doing something new that may seem to be an adventure to you but if there is no dangerous risk associated with it then it is merely experiencing something new and not a true adventure.

Most adventures are done for personal enjoyment or excitement but there are some interesting humans who make a living out of an adventurous life.

Risky dangerous sports like whitewater kayaking and rock climbing could be considered to be adventurous sports but most adventures frequently include more than  one specialized physical activity.

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